The Quality of Being
Honest & Fair

Pictured Left to Right: Jim Morton, Kristi Morton & Doug Hoselton

Integrity, this word is exactly what you get when you ask Hohlfelder Landscaping to help you with your projects.

We have been in business over 50 years for a reason. We are a small company and can relate to you and your needs.

People who hire us know that there is no price tag you can put on honest and fair landscapers/contractors. What you see is what you get. We have no hidden agenda and want to see your yard become your sanctuary. Yes, it’s that simple.

We are happy being a small company – it means we answer to no one except you, the client.

“Reliable, creative and truly amazing. They are the real deal. Both the landscape and hardscape looked better than we could have imagined. The crews are outstanding, the quality is second to none. We recommend Hohlfelder to all our friends and family. They have done an outstanding job every time they have come!”

–S. Schweiger, Green Oaks, IL

Doug Hoselton
Owner / President

Doug has been enhancing outdoor environments around Illinois, and Wisconsin for over 37 years. He hails from Durango, Colorado where he developed an appreciation for the beauty Mother Nature could present, and an understanding of how the land has an ability to accommodate many enduring features.

Working hand in hand with founder George Hohlfelder for over 20 years, Doug was led to the philosophy that landscaping is an attribute to any business or residence allowing the highest value to shine through, both aesthetically and financially. He was taught to do it right, or don't do it all. Many of his jobs have won the Chicago Tribune Tour of Homes Award for best overall landscaping in past years. This was due to creativity and the fact that only the finest in plant and building materials are utilized. His hope is that Hohlfelder's attention to detail allows each client to have piece of mind. Besides his education and guidance from George Hohlfelder, Doug was inspired once again when Jim Morton came on board in 1993. Doug saw the company reach another level of superiority thanks to Jim's creativity and exceptional artistry.

Doug is particularly proud to be able to partner with Jim to this day allowing the company to be every growing in expertise. He is also proud of fact that his clients are dedicated to Hohlfelder Landscaping, some for over 30 years. Many insist on using Hohlfelder over an over again, whether they are building, renovating, moving or expanding. It is such a joy to know that we are passed down to many generations. How wonderful to be part of so many families. Doug hopes you would like to join our family, too.

Jim Morton
Designer / Vice President

Jim hails from the small town of Brook, Indiana. As a child, he had a love for getting his hands dirty and playing in the dirt. His steady hand and eye for detail, allowed him to draw amazing renderings of his surroundings. He looked at life as a clean palate that he could recreate with his God given gift of artistry. Combined with his love for the earth and passion for art; he was led to Purdue University where he could pursue his natural talents. Purdue was the obvious choice thanks to their expertise in Landscape Architecture. His passion flourished as he realized it was the perfect path for him. Today his designs are works of art that many clients want to frame.

After his junior year at college he did a one-year internship with Hohlfelder Landscaping. He would then return to Purdue for his senior year to receive his degree. During that time he continued to design for Hohlfelder. It was obvious that the value he brought to the company was one that must resume. Besides his remarkable talent, work ethic, kind heart and personable demeanor, Doug and Jim had become great friends, and developed a remarkable working relationship. Many other companies vied for his attention, but luckily he returned to partner with Doug.

Jim loves the fact that Hohlfelder Landscaping is a small company that permits him to still play in the dirt, and become absorbed into his artistry. He has created works of art that are unsurpassed in the area for over 20 years. He is loved and admired by all who have the honor to deal with him.

Kristi Morton
Business Manager / Treasurer

Kristi Morton has spent the last 16 years raising four boys and has gained many life skills college life could have never taught. She is from a small town, Waveland, Indiana, and met her husband, Jim, at Purdue University.

Kristi received her BA in hotel restaurant management with a minor in hospitality. Her degree has come in handy most days living in a male dominant home and looks to expand her organizational and business aspect of her degree. Kristi has been quietly helping Hohlfelder's for the past 15 years, balancing checkbooks, preparing for taxes, and assisting with payroll. She will be leading Hohlfelder into the computer generation with her advanced knowledge of electronics and diligent personality.

Her hospitable nature will be a natural blend with Doug and Jim, and will be a welcomed addition to our clientele. Should you have a problem or concern, please contact Kristi. She is at your service.

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